Welcome to Hill View Designs, where I feature my curated collection of bespoke heirloom gifts.
Everything from hand lettered posters, custom gemstone jewelry, engraved gifts, leather handbags, accessories, and so much more.

My love for creating bespoke gifts started in 2007 when I met my husband, Kelly. We both have full time jobs, but enjoy designing and crafting custom metalwork signs as our side gig. I start by doing the graphic design for our projects and my talented and patient hubby does the metalwork!

Kelly learned how to weld back in college from his roommate at the time, and shortly after he purchased his own plasma cutter which allowed him to create custom metalwork signs from home.

Amanda, Hill View Designs

I’ve always been interested in graphic design and started doodling and tracing pictures on the computer just by using my mouse and Microsoft Paint when I was a kid. Of course graphic design has come a long way since then, and it’s so neat to see my creations jump off the screen and come to life with Kelly’s help.

Over the years, our 2-car garage has become our home based shop where we spend most evenings and weekends creating everything from signs, to furniture, and decorative pieces. We’ve put our personal touch on everything we have in our home, and it brings us so much joy to work together.

We showcase a range of gifts that have had an additional amount of love and care added to the creative process. Who says you can’t buy the best quality at affordable prices?

When we’re not creating custom art, we love going for hikes and jogging along the Seawall at Stanley Park where we live in beautiful Vancouver, BC. You’ll probably also find us at the flea markets on Sundays where we enjoy seeing other peoples’ creations and gaining inspiration of our own. And a perfect Sunday wouldn’t be complete without a stop at one of our favourite cafes for brunch and a couple cups of coffee.

On top of that, I also run this site to bring you a range of bespoke products from other talented artists around the world. There are some inspirational, funny and loving designs, all of which are sure to brighten your day! Perfect as a gift for your friends and family, or treat yourself and liven up your home with a handmade gift.

There are gifts for every price range and style – from timeless to modern, and quirky to bright and cheery, be sure to browse each category and I’m sure you’ll find something you love and maybe even be inspired to make your own products!

I hope you find something special, thanks so much for stopping by!