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Getting Ready to Launch a Handmade Biz – Interview with Amanda Adams of Dream Forged Dice

Are you preparing to start a handmade business?

Today I interview my dear friend and maker Amanda, while she is in the process of preparing to launch her Etsy shop!

I interviewed her while she was taking my course – Set Up Shop – and as we recorded this, she was about 3 weeks away from opening her shop for the very first time.

We talk about common issues and fears, like pricing, finding your voice while writing copy (item descriptions, about page, etc), the fear that no-one will buy anything, and much more!

Since we recorded this, her shop has launched with huge success – if you’d like me to have her back on the show to talk through how she managed it, let me know over on Instagram.

You can listen to this episode below, or on your fave podcasting app!

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