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How to Get More Views on Etsy

It’s generally accepted that the more views you get the more sales you’ll have on Etsy. You want to draw in clicks from your target market and potential customers, so your SEO has to be as optimized as possible. Other ways to increase views include social media promotion, working with blogs, and networking. Here are my top six ways to get more traffic to your Etsy store!

1. Improve Your SEO

The most important thing you can do is learn about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and apply it to your shop. The term may sound a little scary- but it’s really just figuring out the most relevant keywords for your items and placing them properly. Utilize the words and phrases that shoppers would use to search for your products, and put them in your titles, tags, and item descriptions. There is an abundance of information out there about SEO, so research it thoroughly and it will eventually become like second nature.

2. Find Your Target Market

When know who is most likely to buy your product it becomes much easier to get more views on Etsy. Sit and brainstorm the ideal customer based on their gender, age, socioeconomic status, educational level, interests, location, etc. Then you can use this to direct your marketing efforts as well as to develop more products they would like to buy. Your item keywords on Etsy should reflect this target customer and their interests, and this will also make your promoted listings more effective because your keywords are on point.

3. Collaborate with Blogs

Another way to get interested viewers to check out your Etsy shop is to work with popular bloggers. There are so many kinds- ranging from shopping sites to gardening blogs to fashion writers. It all depends on what kind of products your business offers. Sometimes they might contact you, or you can reach out to see if they want to do a feature on your work or a giveaway. Make sure the blog links back to your Etsy shop, and always cross promote on your social media. Most bloggers won’t charge a fee, but if they do be sure to thoroughly check them out and assess their readership numbers.

4. Monitor Your Shop Stats

Use your Etsy shop’s stats feature to see what keywords are getting your products seen by shoppers. Items with high views most likely have effective SEO, and those with low views should be improved upon. You’ll be able to see which keywords were used to find your items on the stats page. Stats are a great resource for expanding upon your successful keywords and discovering which listings need more work to draw in views. You’ll also be able to tell if you’re getting visits and views from external sites like blogs and other media.

5. Utilize Social Media

Sharing links from your Etsy shop on social media platforms will also get your store more views. Sign up for Twitter, create a Facebook fan page, join Pinterest, etc. You can post your item photos along with links back to the listings on Etsy, encouraging your followers to click through. Offering coupon codes to your Etsy store on your social media accounts will also encourage more visitors.

6. Hand Out Business Cards

Networking is so important for encouraging people to visit your Etsy shop. Carry a small stack of business cards wherever you go, and when people compliment your product (if it’s a wearable item) or ask what you do you can give them one. Also aim to get a business card into as many hands as possible at craft shows and social events (without being too pushy). If they ask how they can purchase your goods online, just direct them to the Etsy link on your card!

What other tips do you have to draw in more views to your Etsy online shop?

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