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How to Make a Media Contact Section for Your Website

You always want more press coverage for your handmade business- so how should the media contact you? There are a lot of names for a media page- “press page,” “contact info,” etc. Essentially you want to make a centralized section where bloggers, event planners, local news, and magazine editors can reach you if needed. You can also include press releases, a few photos of your work in the media, and a short list of features. Let’s look at what to include in this important element for your website!

Decide on a layout and design.

There’s no one exact way to create a media contact area of your website. You can put it below your regular “contact” page, you can add the info after your “press mentions” page, or make a totally separate space. The layout is up to you- just make sure it’s easy to navigate and that you leave room for photos and contact info text. Try to keep it to one or two pages (if it’s also being printed out) so it’s not too overwhelming.

Include your contact info for press inquiries.

Now what information should you include on your media contact page? Start with the basics: the email and name of the person who handles this aspect of your business. This can be yourself, an assistant, or even a PR company. You want to direct interested people and publications to the right place, allowing you to filter and organize them easily. Some companies use an email form that will send the message right from the page. Your media contact area can also include a phone number or other preferred methods of contact.

Add a quick list of past press.

Don’t make it too overwhelming in size and scope, but include some of your past press on this contact page. You can make a smaller sub-section with some of your media inclusions, calling it something like “as seen in” or “press mentions.” They can either be listed by name or with direct links to the sites if they are online features.

Use photos of your work in the media.

Another option is to add photos from past features to this area of your website. These can be from blogs and magazines that have included your handmade products- just always write a little caption for credit. Adding these photos will show other media that your items look good in print!

Is there anything else you’d include on your website’s media contact page?

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