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Should You Sell Your Handmade Products on Consignment?

Consignment involves placing items for sale with the agreement to get paid only when the products are bought by customers. Personally, I love selling my jewelry on a consignment basis. It’s allowed me to have my work in many stores, it’s a great boost to my profits, and the store owners I work with are amazing. If you’re new to consignment it can be a little overwhelming at first. Here are a few things to consider when deciding to sell your handmade produces on consignment….

The Positive Aspects:

1. It’s a great way to start selling in boutiques and shops.

When you’re just starting a handmade business, consignment is perfect for getting your foot in the door at stores. There’s not too much risk involved and you don’t have to have a huge product line to begin. Shop owners are also more likely to take a chance on new artists and makers if they don’t have to purchase a big wholesale order (where they pay for the goods upfront). Consignment allows them to see if a line will do well in their store without a huge initial commitment.

2. You can bring new merchandise regularly.

Restocking your work consistently is important for success when selling on consignment. It’s also a fantastic way to try out new styles, colors, and product types. Always ask the store owner first if it’s okay to bring in different pieces or if they’d prefer just the same kind you’ve been stocking. I’ll periodically check in with the shops that carry my work to see if they want a cool new product I’ve been developing.

3. You’ll get paid throughout the year.

When you sell on consignment you’ll get paid after your products are purchased by customers. Some shop owners “pay out” every month (when you have sold items), some every other month. Checks, PayPal, or direct deposit are the typical ways you’ll get the money owed for the goods sold. It amazing to get paid throughout the year! Those consignment funds can really help your overall sales numbers.

Extra tip: With consignment you also usually get to set your own retail prices, unlike wholesale where you give the shop owner what’s known as an MSRP (Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price).

4. It provides an increase in custom orders.

A lot of the boutiques that I consign with also take custom orders for my jewelry, which is a fun change of pace! They typically take notes down about what the customer wants and then email or call me with the request. Sometimes it’s not possible for me to make an item that is wanted, but if it is I then create the product and have the store take the payment as usual. Then I’ll drop off the custom order to the shop and they can contact the buyer.

The Negative Aspects:

1. It can be more difficult if the shop is far away.

Restocking and picking up checks (if they don’t get mailed to you) can be harder if the store isn’t local to your handmade business. Also, if anything goes awry it’s more difficult to stop in. For these reasons I tend to stick to nearby shops for consignment selling. This doesn’t mean you can’t have a good experience selling in another state or city. I’ve made it work successfully- but I wouldn’t necessarily do it when just starting out.

Extra tip: If possible, make a pre-arranged visit to the store at least one time when you start consigning. This way you can get a visual of the displays and also introduce yourself to the owners in person.

2. You won’t get paid all at one time.

Unlike wholesale, consignment arrangements mean you’ll get your money only when your items sell. If you don’t keep a big inventory level due to high material costs or a lack of fluid funds, this can be frustrating. The amount that you’ll sell in the holiday season can vary- some years are better than others. These are all factors to consider when making the decision to sell on consignment.

3. It doesn’t always work with every kind of product.

If you make certain types of products consignment might not be right for your business. For example, if your items are very large they could take up too much space in a boutique. Or they could be too specialized and therefore unlikely to sell on a consignment basis. Very expensive items might create too much liability for you and the shop owner. Not every kind of selling works for every artist and maker- and that’s okay! There are other options for your business that might be a better fit.

Have you placed your handmade items on consignment?

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Check out these bargains from Odins Glory

This afternoon we are proud to share with you some really cool products. There are a number of items in Odins Glory worth featuring today, so let us get to the list asap!

The first thing on the list
King Chain With Mjolnir Pendant 😙

King Chain With Mjolnir Pendant

The Mjolnir (Thor’s hammer) one of the most extremely iconic and powerful symbols was certainly a weapon but inaddition it occupied a central role in rituals of consecration and hallowing. The hammer had been found in formal ceremonies to bless marriages, births, and funerals too.

Item Details:

  • Made from high-quality 316L Stainless Steel, will not rust or tarnish.

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The 2nd item on our list for today is King Chain With Wolf Heads & Berserker Pendant.

King Chain With Wolf Heads & Berserker Pendant

Fenrir is the most infamous of the many wolves in Norse mythology. Fenrir is the son of the god Loki and is a giant Wolf, the gods bound him by having a magical chain made from the noise of a cat’s footsteps, the beard of the woman, the breathing of fish, and other occult elements. he is destined to lie bound up to a rock until Ragnarok (Doomsday) when he will break his chains and fall upon the gods and devour the sun’s rays.

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For the 3rd product on the list for today is Viking Axe Necklace With Wolf And Raven.

Viking Axe Necklace With Wolf And Raven

This versatile string is made of top-quality stainless and doesn’t rust or tarnish, The string holds an axe pendant by having a wolf and a raven on each side.


The Axe of Perun (секира Перуна Perun’s axe / амулет топорик hatchet amulet) was the axe wielded by the Slavic god of thunder and lightning, Perun. Similar to Thor’s hammer, miniature amulets had been used by the Pre-Christian Slavs as pendants honouring their pagan God.

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The next item on the list for today is King Chain With Odin’s Spear Gungnir.

King Chain With Odin’s Spear Gungnir

Odin’s spear According to your Poetic Edda, the spear had been fashioned by the Dwarves; Loki discovers the Spear whilst visiting the Dwarves (on an errand to commission golden locks for Sif). Loki flatters the Dwarves and asks the Spear of them, that they give him. In the Poetic Edda poem Völuspá, the Æsir-Vanir War is described as formally beginning whenever Odin throws a spear on the minds of a construction of Vanir gods. Whether or perhaps not it was especially Gungnir is, nevertheless, unstated. In Sigrdrífumál, the valkyrie Sigrdrífa suggests Sigurd in the magical application of runes. She provides Sigurd advice and stocks with him lore, including that runes had been carved on the tip of Gungnir.

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Next up we have Raven Ring!

Viking Raven Ring

Ravens The highest god Odin had two ravens named Huginn and Muninn they represented “thought” and “memory” They flew across the world bringing back once again information to their master.

Product Details:

  • Made from top-notch 316L Stainless Steel, will not rust or tarnish.
  • Free leather pouch included! 

Not sure exactly what size is best for you? Consider our size guide: 

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Bespoke and Boutique News and Tips

Keeping Up with the Times: 5 Business Strategies to Consider This Year

Your company may have some methods that it has employed since its inception, or perhaps you’re using tips passed on to you by older generations of your family. While these techniques can prove fruitful for your company, you should also look for ways to modernize. Failure to do so may mean that your competition gets all of the business.

Create a Mobile App

The thought of venturing to a website may seem slightly laborious when compared to the ease of accessing an app. Many of your customers probably feel the same way. By developing a mobile app, you’re offering consumers the opportunity to learn more about your business and to shop with ease. Also, some of your competitors may very well not have apps yet, so you are showing consumers that your business is modern and relevant. Depending on your type of business, you may feel like an app wouldn’t be of benefit to your customers. Remember that in many ways having a mobile app is often more about showing consumers that you are willing to change and adopt tech changes than anything else. For this reason even companies like Xfinity and ACN Inc that provide phone and internet services have developed mobile interfaces for their customers.

Use Content Marketing

Lengthy passages of text on websites tend to turn visitors away. Many modern shoppers have been taught with visuals. Therefore, they are used to this type of artistic expression alongside informative text. Content marketing allows companies to use this appeal to their advantage. Opting to include videos, photos and blogs onto the website provides your company with a more interactive and gregarious way to speak to consumers. In fact, you may even want to ask professionals in the neighborhood to contribute to your website, thereby incorporating that desirable local appeal.

Renovate Social Media Accounts

A defunct social media account may be worse than no social media account at all. If consumers see that a social media account is never updated, they may assume that the business has closed down. While you may not currently have time to update your social media pages every day, work toward that goal. A post every day or every other day about what’s going on lets consumers get a closer look at the business. It also helps to inspire inquiries, which can then lead to more business. Developing a team of social media experts can allow your business to have a more regular presence on social media.

Streamline Efforts

When you first learned about modern methods of marketing, you may have wanted to incorporate all of them into your business model, but that doesn’t mean they all work for you. Instead of having scores of poorly developed tools, consider the value of having a smaller number of high-quality ones. Then, you can take the time to put the effort into these few avenues, and you can see an increase in the number of customers that you have. Many consumers value quality over quantity, so this move can prove a pivotal one for your company.

Host Events

While consumers do love to learn about businesses on the internet, they also like to interact with other people. When your business hosts events, you can advertise them on social media. Hosting events allows customers to meet with one another, and they also provide you with the opportunity to network with potential clients. You may also want to consider hosting events that are just for businesses at times. Events give you an opportunity to help millennial shoppers break through the stereotype that they are not social beings.

The modern world has placed an array of demands on businesses. If you are still using the same strategies that you did when the 21st century first began, you may notice that your company is having trouble with money. Upgrading your business to incorporate newer strategies can help you speak to a wider audience base. Once you are able to do that, you can start to see your corporate goals come into life.

About the Author

Kara Masterson is a freelance writer from West Jordan, Utah. She graduated from the University of Utah and enjoys writing and spending time with her dog, Max.

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